The forthcoming era of hashrate tokenization

The history of BTC is also the history of mining and hashrate. The arrival of MicroStrategy, PayPal, Grayscale and other institutions in the blockchain space ensues BTC with frenzy, whose price has been pushed up significantly.

Seeing the ever-climbing price of BTC, new investors who are eager to enter the…

About BEST

BEST token is issued by BESToken Mining Limited. Each BEST token anchors 0.01T real Bitcoin hashrate and 0.03M Ethereum hashrate. Staking 1 BEST entails a continuous BTC mining income from 0.01T/s Bitcoin hashrate and an ETH mining income from 0.03M/s Ethereum hashrate. BEST holders enjoy both mining income…


Spitznagel, a fund manager who made a profit of 30 times in March 2020, wrote in The Dao of Capital:

“Capital is an inter-temporal dimension: It’s positioning and advantage at different points in the future is central”.

“Time is its milieu — defines it, shapes it, helps it, and…

BEST team

BEST project, the first Hashrate Token 2.0

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